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“Snoopy’s Hot Dogs, a local hot dog and burger chain, has put up a sign on its location on Wake Forest Road with a message for the President: ‘Mr. Obama, I did create this business. — Steve Webb.’ Steve Webb started the business and posted the sign to protest the statements, which have been repeated over the world after someone sent  out a photo through Twitter on the Internet.” 

(Lois Alley, “NC Business Owners Upset Over Obama Comment ‘You Didn’t Build That’,” The Raleigh Telegram, 7/20/12)

Entrepreneurs like Steve Webb help make America the greatest country on Earth.  More Americans are telling President Obama:  We did build our businesses http://mi.tt/OkMwHJ

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    Um, Mr. Romney, could you please tell your supporters who call our PRESIDENT “Mr. Obama” that they’re being INCREDIBLY...
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    Steve Webb sounds like a jerk.
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    OMFG, Obama was pointing out that it’s impossible to do anything totally by yourself! If you built a house, chances are...
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    perfect gif describes situation perfectly
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    as my dad put it, “yeah, he built it…on the back of minimum wage labor.”
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    yeah I’m sure that you did ALL of the work cut the grain to make the buns, raised and slaughtered the pork in the hot...
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    Not to mention that businesses grow because of the work their employees do. The workers build everything.
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