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Paul Ryan pulls into Minnesota.

The energy and enthusiasm from crowds across the country has been incredible. Let’s keep the momentum going http://mi.tt/UPLl6X 

This November it’s all on the line. The only way to get rid of Obamacare is to replace President Obama. Help us stop the big government proposals, irresponsible spending, and intrusion on our basic liberties. Get involved today. http://mi.tt/Lm5Q6e

After making its way through New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan, the Every Town Counts bus tour wraps up. Thanks to everyone who came out to make it a huge success. We  appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm!  Join us and get involved today http://mi.tt/M3Zqd9

How would a Romney Presidency Be Different?

How would a Romney Presidency Be Different?

Raising the Flag - As the sun rises each day, millions of Americans raise the flag in a silent salute to our country and the values it represents. On this Flag Day, let us remember what the flag symbolizes and the many who have sacrificed so that we may fly it proudly.

Doing Fine? -Last week, with millions out of work, homes falling into foreclosure, and the middle class getting squeezed more and more every day, President Obama inexplicably said “the private sector is doing fine.” If President Obama can’t see that our economy is broken, how can he fix it?

Fine? - On Friday, President Obama inexplicably said ‘The private sector is doing fine.’” Since the president is completely out of touch, these middle class workers talked about their experiences to remind him of the realities of the Obama economy.

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